četvrtak, 10. studenoga 2011.

Aikido tanto

Here are a few pictures tanto used in aikido,
different understandings of the aikido,
have resulted in the appearance of various wooden buki
so here are some variations, or ideas, enjoy

picture below shows basic tanto shape, this one made from Europe oak   which look like Japan white oak

on picture below  is Iwama shape tanto

below  is basic shape tanto but with kissaki from Yagyu Shinkage Ryu

custom made tanto from Jatoba, just oiled

tanto with most known shape of kissaki

tanto with engraved Aikido Kanji

tanto with Aikido kanji made by burning

another  custom  tanto with custom kissaki

golden acacia tanto

tanto in koryu style 

below is PAART  version of training tanto, suitable for all martial arts

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