nedjelja, 27. listopada 2013.

Unique bokken

To all who like special and unique bokken maybe this one you will like

bokken with motif of  water circles, this one is for sale

take look closer this beauty 

subota, 17. kolovoza 2013.

Golden acacia tanto

Hi Aikido friends,

here is one of tantos from my colection, made from golden acacia wood,

it is nice wood for those who look for something unusual and is also nice for present to someone who you respect

nedjelja, 19. svibnja 2013.

Aikido Tactical Tanto

Aikido Tactical  Tanto, why "tactical" ?

more and more people are teaches knife fighting and defense against knife, but today's (modern) blade is shorter and called it a "tactical". That is why  I called this wooden training knife "tactical", commissioners want the original, traditional look, but shorter blade.
In this way are met the tradition and modern requirements, length, wood etc.  is by your wish,

hope that you like it!

petak, 4. siječnja 2013.

Oar Suburito from IPE

for those who like custom suburito bokkens

and now after I put oil

if you like to have something like that or something more, just write to me