četvrtak, 4. siječnja 2018.

Aikido set Kake

Dear Aikidoka's,

after long time here is some more of my work, I never stop make this things but because some problems (which is part of life), I was not able to work only this.

So here is one of  Kake (stand/rack) for Aikido set, customer wanted to add the Kanji symbol on every item, to have personalized equipment.

Stand was made from european oak, just treated with transparent varnish to preserve the natural color of wood. Kanji is handmade with wood burning iron.

the stand is not glued, so it can always be disassembled

nedjelja, 15. veljače 2015.

Aikido Jo

Here is few photos of my basic Jo sticks for Aikido

Iwama bokken from Ipe and Jatoba

Dear Aikidoka friends, 

here is few photos of Iwama bokken's made from Ipe and Jatoba wood,

brown bokken is from Ipe lapacho wood, but this one is unique because this piece of wood have black stripe, which is rare to find, lower bokken is made from Jatoba wood,

both bokkens are oiled.

nedjelja, 28. prosinca 2014.

Aikido bokken with burning Kanji

Dear  Aikidoka's,

Here is some more personal bokken's idea

this kanji was hand made by burning and because that is more unique, more natural from those which was made by laser's or CNC machine 

and few more close look

nedjelja, 9. ožujka 2014.

Unique Tanto

Dear Budo friends, 

here's something for those looking for something unique and special. 
From time to time appears some interesting piece of wood with interesting texture, this is one of them. It is not always easy to do something similar, and these pieces require long-term preparation, this Tanto was made about three years, in order to stabilize the wood,  to avoid subsequent reactions, such as cracking or bending. Working layer by layer and wait a reaction of wood, when wood stops responding, you can complete the job. So here it is Art of Nature, 100% unique, ideal for gift to someone special.

četvrtak, 23. siječnja 2014.

Custom Jatoba tanto

Here is custom  tanto from Jatoba  wood,
with kissaki in style Shinto Katori Ryu, Sugino dojo 

Tanto is just oiled

Keishi bokuto

Keishi bokuto but with smal change to be in Aikido style,
 it is made to customer wish, no visible transition between the handle and the blade, on place where Habaki should be